Since you have been doing my brows, my confidence has really gone up. You do a fantastic job!

– Kendyl

Alyssa is by far the best person to go to for brows! I have to travel an hour to see her for my appointment, a 100% worth it! I would recommend Alyssa to absolutely everyone! Everywhere else I have gone to have my brows done is a quick job; you’re in and out and never satisfied. Everytime I get my brows done by Alyssa I am in love!

– Melissa


Best brows I have ever had done were by amazing, talented Alyssa! I would recommend Alyssa to anyone! I wish I lived closer so she could do my brows all the time!

– Brandi


Ladies, I can’t recommend Alyssa enough! Beyond happy with my brows! #browqueen

– Jessica


Alyssa, what a difference eyebrows make! Truly “Defines” the face.

– Sandy


I was very nervous about going to a new girl since moving to the US. She was really good and knowledgeable and I left with good brows. Of course…. She’s no Alyssa Musiyowski!

– Kasandra

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