It all started when…

My journey began in September of 2000 when I enrolled in the full-time Esthetics program at Marvel College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. During my educational program, although I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program, I realized I had an affinity with brows. After graduating the Esthetics program, I worked in the beauty industry part-time for several years as well as pursuing an interest in finance. I became a mortgage broker in 2013, however my heart kept feeling the draw of Esthetics, particularly brows. In 2015, with much contemplation and deep reflection, I made the conscious choice to follow my heart to allow presence with self and family, financial flow and using my gifts of service. Following my intuition, I felt guided to honour my abilities and creativity through enhancing natural brows for women. Brows are simply powerful; something so simple yet so profound. Properly shaped brows improve confidence and make you look youthful, rested, groomed and fresh. Healthy glowing skin and beautifully shaped brows are an essential part of beauty. You need less make-up; brows, blush, mascara and lipstick . . . Less is more! It’s truly amazing how brows define the face, creating balance and harmony.

What a magnificent journey it has been so far! Working with women (who are more like dear friends) has been instrumental in healing my own insecurities. I’ve recognized how we each struggle with our own imperfections and how important it is to support each other. I have an eye for symmetry and pay great attention to detail. Whenever you sit in my chair, my goal is to always create and ethereal experience. When I hold the mirror after shaping your brows, I want you to see your magic and appreciate your unique beauty. I feel honoured to help women put their best face forward.


Interested in enhancing your natural beauty and boosting your confidence?